About Sara

Processed with VSCO with g3 presetI’m many things. As the decades pass the labels have piled up: daughter, sister, sister-in-law, manager, Christian, friend, girlfriend, boss, writer, humanitarian, entrepreneur, bonus mom, bird lover. Yet even collectively they don’t capture the essence of who I am. So why write the details about them here?

What I am is a woman who is fed up. A woman frustrated by the message the world has fed me my whole life. Under the guise of empowering me, it heaped unattainable expectations on me. I’m exhausted from carrying them.

I’m a woman tired of perpetuating the illusion I have it all together, that my life is perfect and I do everything perfectly. I’m a woman tired of having fear as my constant companion, preventing me to trying things for fear I won’t measure up. I’m a woman changing the dialogue so we speak the truth, freeing ourselves and the next generation of girls in the process.

I’m a woman ready to be brave not perfect.